Z-Bridge: Beautiful Modular

The Z-bridge is a modular footbridge, designed for awkward and beautiful sites with spans ranging from 5 to 22 metres.

High quality, sympathetic design

Low climate impact (SCORBs A+)

Designed for durability

High quality fabrication

Build your bridge

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Technical details

The Z-Bridge modular system consists of panels bolted together at intermediate cross frames to form a half-through beam. A cold-folding process creates a beam from a single sheet of rolled steel. Designed with BEAM Architects, this beautiful scheme will suit a variety of locations whilst also being technically efficient.

This bridge design is a UK Registered Design no. 6316547 with the Intellectual Property Office.

Efficient primary beams

The beam is shaped like a Z to create a top and bottom “flange” that stiffens the plate against out of plane buckling. The web can be perforated to match a bespoke pattern, which can vary from panel to panel.

The precise cutting process also allows the panels to be formed with a slight angle at both ends, which enables a slight rise to midspan longitudinally, promoting positive drainage and creating a pleasing profile without the “sagging” appearance of a completely horizontal deck.

Focus on durability

Z-Bridge is detailed to promote water run-off, with careful consideration given to angling the flanges and cross beams to remove any area that may allow water to pond. Finishes can be specified to suit the required durability, using weathering steel or a hot dip galvanised finish


To reduce weight, a lightweight glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) pultruded deck sits on the cross frames with integral non-slip surfacing. The GFRP is extremely low maintenance, and is formed into planks that are simple to remove and replace if necessary.


The lightweight and durable nature of the structure has multiple benefits, including making the installation simpler and easier. The modular panels can be stacked and transported efficiently, and installed with a team of two. Each panel weighs a maximum of 300kg.

Simple Foundations

Lower weight systems have significantly lower foundation requirements, with the Z-Bridge designed to sit on simple concrete pads in most ground conditions or screw-piles if necessary.

High quality fabrication

Fabricated in London by Cake Industries, the Z-bridge is built to the highest quality, with UKCA or CE certification to EXC2. The system can be delivered via truck to any location in Europe.


Main Beams

Folded Steel

Deck Options

GFRP Decking Panels


Available Finishes

Weathering Steel

Raw Galvanised

Painted to any RAL colour


Stainless steel


Previously installed schemes

Pricing (2024 delivery)

Intermediate span lengths available.

Shortest Span - 5m

starting from
£31,360excluding VAT and delivery


starting from
£47,040excluding VAT and delivery


starting from
£78,400excluding VAT and delivery

Longest Span - 22m

starting from
£125,440excluding VAT and delivery