About Cake

Cake Industries is a design and fabrication firm that produces beautiful objects: from sculpture and staircases to bridges and small buildings. We take an idea or a set of drawings and turn it into reality, carrying out a full design (including structural engineering) and assembling the elements in our south London workshop before installing it on site.

We work in almost any material, with a fully equipped steel and timber workshops and experience working in aluminium, brass, plastic, concrete, and hardwood, panel and engineered timber products. We work for designers, architects, artists, and on private commission, and are committed to a collaborative approach to achieve your desired outcome.

What we do

Design and Engineering

Cake Industries’ in-house design team can take sketches or concept designs and develop them to full fabrication ready information, including structural engineering design and building control calculations. We enjoy working with designers to develop schemes at the initial ideas stage, and believe that early engagement can lead to highly successful projects that excel aesthetically and economically. We develop designs entirely in 3D parametric software and are comfortable using programs such as Solidworks, Rhino, and Grasshopper to develop schemes and collaborate with external parties.

With a range of design experience, we are able to take commissions for design only or third-party checking services. More details on what we can offer as structural engineering consultants can be found here.

We are committed to responding to the climate emergency by carefully considering sustainability in the design process. Details on Cake Industries’ approach to sustainability, embodied energy and the climate emergency can be found here.


We offer a wide range of manufacturing services from our workshop in South London. With a substantial in-house skillset and a wide range of specialised machinery, we can create bespoke projects efficiently and to the highest specifications. Our projects range in scale from single staircases to large structural steelwork, small bridges and buildings.

Art Installations and Sculpture

We work with artists to bring small and large scale pieces to life. Working from sketches or a maquette we aim to respect the aesthetic intent at the scale required for public art, simplifying the process of construction and installation to deliver a beautiful object.

Staircases and small/medium structures

We design, engineer, construct and install bespoke stairs (from single flight to full houses or multi-level commercial stairs) and structures in a wide range of media and locations.

All our structural steel and staircases are UKCA marked to execution class 2 in accordance with EN1090-1. UKCA marking is a legal requirement for structural steelwork (further information here; with the exit of the UK from the EU, UKCA marking replaces CE marking in the UK market).


Our experience and facilities enable us to deliver small to medium scale sculptural or architectural footbridges from concept to delivery.

Architectural Pavilions

We work with architects and landscape designers to design and fabricate pavilions and shelters situated in the public realm.