Looking for some inspiration? Have a browse through some of our recently completed staircases, grouped by type and material.

A spiral staircase will enable you to get between floors in the smallest plan footprint – great for small spaces.

A cut or zig-zag stringer is often used to articulate the shape of the edge of a staircase.

If you are looking for a spectacular stair with very low embodied energy, a timber structure may be an option.

For a very durable finish, we work with specialist architectural precast concrete craftspeople to incorporate concrete treads or elements into a stair.

It is sometimes possible to hang an edge or part of the structure of the stair from above, minimising the structural elements.

A blackened steel finish uses a acid etch and a wax finish to bring out the character of the milled steel showing a history of the production process.

Beautiful colours and finishes are possible by handpainting or powdercoating steel parts of the structure.

A brass handrail creates a tactile surface that will age and patinate gracefully with age.

Our timber and steel workshops are side by side, and we can perfectly fit durable hardwood treads to a steel substructure. This is often in oak, but almost any hardwood is possible to give a wide variety of possible finishes.

We regularly design our staircases so that they use the flooring material from the rest of the house so that the staircase matches exactly.